The History in Management and Organization Research Seminar (HiMOS) series is organized by researchers in the Strategy and Entrepreneurship research group at Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics, Finland. In the research group, we have had a long-standing seminar series in the intersection between history and management and organization research. The COVID-19 situation has motivated us to broaden our geographical reach and move the seminar online.

Purpose: Advancement of historical research in the context of management and organization studies. Bringing together scholars with interest in historical research traditions.

Format: Keynote speakers who share their insights and experiences of recent history-related publications in management and organization research journals. Discussion of history-related papers close to journal submission stage to help author(s) developing their work.

Organization: Half-day events (3h) twice per year with a keynote speaker and 2–3 working paper presentations.

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